Facebook Official!?

Any avid readers of Flair’s blog know that Stacey and I are kinda obsessed with Glee (case in point: our calendar at work may or may not be a Glee calendar…hello Mr. Schuster, heating up July). So, you can imagine our dismay that it is summer and we have WEEKS to go before we get a new episode. Will Rachel and Finn try long distance? What’s Kurt going to do? Are trouty mouth and Mercedes EVER going to get together? These questions and more have caused many a sleepless night for your favorite Flair girls.

Then, like a beacon in the night, our second favorite show came back to brighten the night: Awkward. OK we hear you, we’re probably way too old for both of these shows but we challenge you to watch and not enjoy them. They’re fabulous! Anyways, Awkward’s first episode of the season focused on our girl Jenna trying to decide if she will accept Jake’s online relationship status request (they never make mention of the website being Facebook but let’s face it, that’s what they’re referring to). We’ve all been there. A relationship is just not official if it’s not out there on Facebook for the world to see and judge.

Now to circle around to something wedding related so that I can justify writing a blog on Awkward…Stacey got married a few weeks ago (Gorgeous! Amazing! Fabulous!) and when she got back from her honeymoon she said “I wish changing your name/relationship status on Facebook made it official everywhere.” I have to say, I agree. I got married almost a year ago (yeesh time flies) I and I STILL have yet to get all the paperwork done to officially change my name. I know I know, I’m a bad wife, but it seems so time consuming and annoying! I mean I changed my email address and Facebook name so everyone important knows, right? What do you brides think? Did you already change everything? We’re a little daunted by the task here so any advice you have would be much appreciated! For now, we’ll just continue to watch TV shows about high school kids and pretend we’re that young again.

Lots of love from your non-name changing bridal consultants,

Lindsay Schlossberg & Stacey Kraft

(We promise we will have new last names soon!)