Fall Fashion + Award Season!

Here at Flair, we always have mixed feelings about the return of Fall. It’s a lot like when leggings came back into style. At first, we didn’t like it, we fought it, and then ultimately we accepted it. True, summer is over, but fall brings so many great things; pumpkin spice lattes, boots, sweaters AND the start of award show season!

You know we at Flair love us a red carpet. First up: the Emmy’s! The Emmy’s have a special place in our hearts because it combines two of our favorite things; gorgeous dresses and TV! Over the summer, we really missed our TV friends (Hi, Schmidt! What’s up Mindy?!) and the Emmy’s is the first time we’ve seen them in months. That’s exciting enough, but it’s even better because we get to see them all dressed up!

We love award shows for the glamour and the fashion, of course, but we also love the amazing inspiration they provide for the upcoming wedding season! While some looks should stay on the stars (or in their closets – talking to you Amanda Peet), we did see a bunch of trends that can totally transfer from the red carpet to the wedding aisle!


Blue: Forget the “red” carpet, this Emmy’s carpet was all about blue! We’re not talking about navy here, but a true, vibrant blue. It’s a great color for bridesmaids’ dresses; super flattering on all skin tones and hair colors and it pairs with almost any color you want for your bouquets. Perfection!

Inspiration: Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren. Hello gorgeous! The cut is so elegant and timeless, making the color the real statement of the dress. The best part? ANY girl could wear this dress and look and feel amazing in it. Let’s also try and recreate her curls, she definitely had the best hair of the night!

Lace: Just this past season we started to see lace make an appearance in the bridesmaids’ world and we think it’s going to be an even bigger trend this year! Lace is great because it is a fabric that translates well to any event, making it an easy dress to re-wear after the wedding (even we can admit that some bridesmaids’ fabric have that “bridesmaidy” look and feel which makes them hard to wear other places). Plus, lace has the amazing ability to be both modern and classic at the same time. We’re obsessed!

Inspiration: Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang. Wow! Let’s face it, Sofia could wear a potato sack and look amazing, but this red lace gown really takes her beauty to the next level! Even a gorgeous woman like her can appreciate the texture that lace provides to such a fitted dress; it hides any lines you don’t want to be seen!

Straps: Did you notice that all of the Flair girls’ favorite gowns had straps? Not only that, but they were all different! Stacey loved Julie Bowen’s ruffled v-neck, Jaime died for Rose Byrne’s classy boat neck and Madison fell in love with Michelle Dockery’s chic halter. We are so happy to see the variety of top styles, and we think that that variety will also translate to the bridal world!

Inspiration: The above dresses of course, as well as Tina Fey in Narcisso Rodriguez. She has never looked better! Her gown was tailored perfectly (which is super important) AND she was in the hot color of the night too. A+ for Liz Lemon!

Happy Fall….and award season!