Flair Boston’s ode to TRUNK SHOWS!

Trunk Shows: Getting us through Winter since ’04

Every autumn without fail, I begin to (foolishly) fantasize about the coming winter; sipping cocoa while looking out the window at a light falling snow, ice skating in a chic wool coat, etc. I suppose the summer and fall months in New England are so pleasant that I always seem to forget just how bad the winters are. Every time it arrives, though, my fantasies are crushed. Chic wool coat? Maybe for a few days, then it’s my sleeping bag sized puffer coat day in and day out. Sipping cocoa? Try sipping vodka as I stare despondently at yet another snow storm. There is an upside though! Winter means TRUNK SHOW season at Flair! We jam pack our winter with great trunk shows by all of our designers; they are our moments of sunshine amongst Pax, Rex and all of the other obnoxious blizzard names.

New to trunk shows? Here’s what you need to know!

1) Basically, a trunk show means that we are highlighting a particular designer. What does this mean for you? We will be getting TONS of their dresses in for you to drool over! We rarely have room to carry a designer’s entire collection, so these events are a great time to see everything they offer!
2) While we will have oodles of dresses in the store, we can’t guarantee that we will have every color, style and size. If you want to see something specific, let us know before the trunk show and we will do our best to get it in for you!
3) A trunk show is really just a fancy name for a SALE! All of that particular designer’s dresses will be discounted for the duration of the trunk show. So, come in ready to buy and act fast, the deals won’t last long after the show ends!
4) Appointments are still required during trunk shows, and they book quickly, so call us ASAP if you want to stop in for one!
5) Yes, our other designers will still be in the store during trunk shows. So if you have an appointment during a trunk show but want to see other designers too, have no fear!

Up next....Amy Kuschel!

Up next….Amy Kuschel!

That’s trunk show 101, and you passed with flying colors! Now for extra credit, give us a call to stop in for one soon!!

Happy shopping, brides and bridesmaids 🙂