Meet Frills!


Isn’t it funny how social media changes with you as you get older? In college, it was all about finding the best parties and posting song quotes that reflected your each and every mood. Come to think of it, Dashboard Confessional lyrics consumed a good 75% of my status updates in college. Anyways, moving on…as we got older, you’d start to see engagement and wedding photos take over social media. Now, I’m at the “babies and houses” phase. Every day there’s a new, adorable baby or covetable house to drool over. I was starting to feel a little left out. I’ve been married almost 3 (!!) years and in terms of a house, let me tell you, the market is TOUGH. So, what about me?? What can I throw in people’s faces to make them jealous (kidding!)? Well, it turns out I (and the rest of the Flair team) have a baby of sorts to announce; a business baby!


Almost 9 months ago (see…baby!) we started a project that would allow customers near and far to order products by fabulous designers that we’ve come to know and love over our years in the store. Let’s face it, we’re living in an increasingly online world, and Flair had to adapt. We LOVE our Newbury Street store and will never abandon the face to face customer interaction that we enjoy so much. However, we also needed to address the needs of those customers who just can’t make it to the Back Bay. So, Frills was born! At Frills, you can order a dress, a veil, jewelry, a tuxedo vest and even a custom bridal sketch! The list goes on and on! Basically, it’s for all of those fun, little details you get to think about AFTER you make the hard decisions. So grab a glass of champagne, sit on your couch (in sweatpants, we won’t judge) and shop for fabulous items without searching for parking or getting stuck in traffic. We can’t wait to see you there 🙂

check out this custom bridal sketch of one of our Jenny Yoo gowns! you can get one of YOU in your gown (or for a friend!)!

check out this custom bridal sketch of one of our Jenny Yoo gowns! you can get one of YOU in your gown (or get one for a friend!)!