Get fit with Flair friends!


With all of the stress of wedding planning, wouldn’t it be nice to get away from it all and sweat, kick and punch away your frustrations? We feel your pain and we have the perfect solution. Get fit with some of our flair fitness friends!

Air Personal Fitness provides a bridal boot camp specifically for the busy bride to be getting ready for her big day. The girls meet on Boston’s beautiful Charles River Esplanade at 6:00 AM three days a week for a 45 minute work out. So you get a good kick start to your day without taking much time out of your already jam packed schedule! All of the girls we’ve spoken to there are super sweet too. You’ll actually enjoy going to work out with them!
*Locations/times vary depending on the time of year you attend

If you’re more of a gym rat (aspiring or otherwise) then you’ll love going to Fitness Together on Boylston Street in Boston. They have it all: convenient location, friendly staff AND a great deal! Shhh it’s a secret just for Flair girls: 10% off of a personal training package and 1 free session! Plus, they have nationally certified fitness experts, private rooms for training sessions, and they provide nutritional guidance so you can feel uber healthy and fit on your big day! Co-owner, Mike Morris, is beyond friendly and is planning a wedding himself. He totally understands your need to let loose on their equipment and ease some stress.

Whether your goal is to shed some pounds or tone up before you spend your entire honeymoon in a two piece, Air Personal Fitness and Fitness Together will take care of you. Give them a call!We know it’s time to go all Billy Blanks tae-bo style on your wedding planning stress!