Gift Giving Anxiety!

I’ve recently gotten into reruns of “The Big Bang Theory”, anyone else watch it? I’d heard for years that it was good but just never started watching it (I have so many other shows that I am already in committed relationships with; Glee, any and all housewives, etc.). Then, I watched an episode with my parents and was hooked. It’s hilarious! I have to have the TV on when I go to sleep at night and this is my new go to. OK enough about me, and circling back around to my point…I just saw an episode where Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons, who is FANTASTIC) gets severe anxiety when Penny (the adorable Kaley Cuoco) gives him a Christmas gift. He spirals out of control, stressing about the pressure of finding a gift for her that is close to the same value and that perfectly sums up their relationship. While I’ve never gotten that stressed about gift giving, I could definitely relate to what Sheldon was going through. With all of the weddings we have this summer, there are a lot of gifts to buy and going through each registry, my head was spinning. How much do I spend on each couple? Do I just give cash (I mean c’mon, that’s what we all secretly want)? Do I give more than “normal” for a wedding that I am in? There are so many factors!

The hardest question for me was the last one. I am in a wedding this coming weekend (eeek so excited!) and I got my friend –the bride- something nice from her registry. Now, I am starting to have a Sheldon freak out moment and wonder if I should have been more creative for her, and went off the registry. Did my gift really reflect how important she and her fiancé are to me? Is it close to the value that they spent on me and my husband last summer? Ahh, damn you Sheldon! On a separate note/rant, I have Stacey’s wedding in a few weeks to consider. We spend 40 hours a week together, so I have to get her something really good or else she is going to make those 40 hours miserable for me. Juuuuuuuuust kidding Stace, you are not that evil, right??

Basically what I am saying is, gift giving is hard, and I hope it’s not just me feeling that way! So, for those of you going through what I am going through, I have some words of encouragement (that I myself need to remember). The best gift we got at our wedding last year was simply having all of our friends and loved ones there. Sounds cheesy (and believe me, gifts and cash were certainly NOT turned away) but it is 100% true. So, any gifts that we got were simply icing on the already delicious cake. Feel better? Me too! Off to the registries, anxiety free!

Happy shopping! Xo