Going Green for your wedding!!

Going green is a pretty common concept now a-days. After all, with studs like Leonardo DiCaprio leading the charge, who wouldn’t follow! You might think that going green for your wedding would be an expensive and time consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be! More and more brides are finding ways to make their weddings eco-conscious, and you can start with your wedding gown!
Seams, one of our lovely bridesmaids’ designers, also makes green wedding gowns (and we’re not talking the color green here ladies). Designer Harper Della Piana uses recycled materials and materials that can easily be dyed to be worn again in the future to keep the recycling going!
Need to see to believe? Check out Seams’ coverage on Fox News here to see and hear more! 
Congrats to Harper and Seams on a great concept!