Hot Hot Hot honeymoons!

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I got married almost 2 months ago (are you sick of hearing about it yet?). First of all, it feels like 2 years ago. The wedding planning phase came and went so quickly and now it feels like forever since we actually got hitched. Time is funny that way…anyways, back to the point of this blog: my hubby and I chose not to honeymoon right afterwards ::GASP::. I know it’s a little different but as native New Englanders, we are fully aware that we only get a few months of really nice weather here and we wanted to enjoy them.

So, we decided to go to the Bahamas in December when we’ll be itching for some sun. I just booked it today (yay!) so that got me to thinking about what other brides are doing for their honeymoons. Are any of you going later like we are? Are you driving across country? Are you skipping your honeymoon all together (I hope not!)? Here are some unique, fun ideas for anyone looking to do something a little different:

1)      Mini-moon: For those of you who may be thinking of skipping your honeymoon due to budget restrictions, a mini-moon may be just the thing for you! Like the name indicates, it’s a mini honeymoon; a few days away in a location within driving distance. Yes, it will still cost some $$ but not nearly as much as 7-10 nights in a hotel plus flights. Jay and I took one (yes we’re brats and did a mini-moon and a regular ‘moon) so that we could get away for a few days after the wedding. We went to Maine and it was FAB, highly recommended!

2)      Charity-moon: Does a week lounging in the sun feel just too unproductive for you (wish I could relate)? Consider doing Habitat for Humanity as a wedding getaway. There are Habitat for Humanity projects all around the country so you can still get away and help others at the same time!

3)      Adventure-moon: Again, not a problem for me but I know there are brides out there who do not think drinks by the pool is the ideal honeymoon. For you, maybe a South African safari would do? Or a week long bike trip in the Mediterranean?

The Knot came up with a few awesome adventures, take a peek below!

Wedding Wire also has a great application that helps you find inspiration for your honeymoon dreams and an endless amount of galleries!

Have fun thinking outside of the box, brides, and think of the honeymoon whenever you get a little stressed during your wedding planning. It will all be worth it !

Happy travels!

Lindsay 🙂