How Glee has changed the world….(aka the wedding world)!

Ok we’ll admit it we are major Gleeks (BIG fans of Glee)!  We have a glee calendar in the office, we listen to the Glee Pandora station daily and constantly swoon over what it would be like to have Mr. Shue (Matthew Morrison) sing a love ballad to us!

So, while breaking down this week’s amazing episode of Glee song by song, we realized something amazing! Glee truly has changed our world, the wedding world, at least in our eyes!  I mean let’s be serious no grooms were plotting and practicing a full dance routine while serenading their brides to Justin Bieber’s, “Baby” or dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown’s, “Forever” before Glee came along!

JK Wedding Entrance Dance “Forever”

Now think about this….the term, “Flash Mob”….I mean come on, Glee practically invited them.  We get an email at least once a week with a new funny and/or flash mob-ish wedding dance or serenade!

Brian’s Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance for Emily

So let’s all give Glee all the respect it deserves! It truly has changed the way wedding’s work and honestly it’s wayyyy more fun and entertaining this way don’t you think?

We Found Love! Glee Proposal

This week Flair honors our very favorite show on TV, “GLEE”!  What a great episode this week and take notes boys….Mr. Shue (aka Flair’s Fav Man) truly out did himself this week by proposing in the most romantic wayyyy ever!!


Gleeks at heart <3

Stacey & Lindsay