It’s Spring. Love is in the air and your wedding is around the corner..OMG!!

  1. Venue??!?
  2. Date (crossing fingers we get our venue!)
  3. MY BRIDAL GOWN :))))) (or “OMG. How does this even work??”)
  4. Colors…brown? Blues? Purples? Pinks? Eek!
  5. Guests
  6. Bridesmaids – Who’s in? Who’s out? What to wear? Wear again??
  7. Groomsmen – how do we match numbers, colors, and outfits?
  8. On and on and on…detail.detail.detail...H E L P.

    With the big day only a few months away and so much to do, how do you even begin to organize your time, your bridal party, your parents?!? Flair is here to help. Offering both bridal and bridesmaid dresses, we can help you pick out the best silhouettes for you and your girls. Don’t forget the shoes! Yup, we have those too. We heart Blue Tux Shoes. Bridal parties who order through us may get additional discounts on shoes. Jewelry? No problem. Our Boston showroom now carries Amelia Rose and our SF showroom has pieces from Misty Gillette Designs and Daisy San Luis. Photographer? Make-up? Hair??? No worries!! Schedule an appointment with Flair today and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.