Jenny Yoo 2016 Collection

Get the newest, hottest styles before anyone else!

If I had to pick a super power, the ability to see the future would be high on my list. Will I get that bag I want this holiday season? Will the weather be nice for that anniversary trip I have planned? Not to mention the obvious lottery benefits! While seeing the future is probably not in my, well, future, there is one way that I (and you!) can see what’s coming ahead in the bridal and bridesmaids’ world; a 2016 preview trunk show! You know about a normal trunk show, right? It’s basically when we get a ton of pretty, pretty dresses in from one of our designers and for that weekend they’re all on sale. You can’t get much better than that! However, our upcoming Jenny Yoo 2016 preview trunk show (November 27-29) manages to do one better; all of the dresses we’ll be receiving are brand, spanking new and have never been available in Boston before! This is THE time to snag them for your wedding before anyone else, and know that you’ll be getting the latest and greatest. To clue you in on some of the hot, new trends in Jenny’s latest collection, we have a little sneak peek for you below (thanks to The Knot for all of these gorge photos!). Check them out and then give us a ring to book your trunk show appointment (while they last!) and see all of these beauties in person!


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Gorgeous, right?? Act fast and make your appointment come see us (and these stunning dresses) while they’re in town!

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