Down with Arthur, Up with Jenny Yoo!

Here in New England, July 4th was not so hot. Thanks to Hurricane Arthur, we woke up to driving rain, raging winds and cool temperatures. Put those white shorts away, girls! This was shaping up to be a predominantly indoor Independence Day. It was hard not to get a little down in the dumps; I couldn’t even remember the last July 4th that I spent inside. The only thing that saved my day was the fact that I was slow to jump on the “Orange is the New Black” bandwagon. A rainy July 4th felt like the perfect time to get on board, and by the end of the day I had breezed through atleast 8 episodes and was hooked!

With this weird July 4th over, I am happy to report that there is more to look forward to in July than just season 2 of OITNB! A prime example:┬áJenny Yoo’s fabulous July sales! Both brides and bridesmaids can take advantage of this month’s sales; there’s something for everyone!

Brides, take 20% off most Jenny Yoo bridal gowns ordered by July 26th. See below for all of the details!

JYC July 2014 Bridal Promo1 (2)

Bridesmaids, you get 15% off all of Jenny Yoo’s crinkle chiffon bridesmaids’ dresses ordered by July 26th!

Crinkle chiffon is such a unique, comfortable fabric that you will look and feel great in. Plus, it comes in a ton of gorgeous colors! Check out below for the 411, and give Flair a call to make an appointment and get in for these fabulous deals!

JYC July 2014 Bridesmaid Promo (2)