Let hotel Nine Zero be your Bridal Shower hero!

hello, ladies!

today we are thrilled to feature Boston‘s very chic Nine Zero Hotel. our fantastic boston flair, lindsay had an opportunity to meet with their wonderful event specialist, kristin alley.

When you start the wedding planning process, certain things always get checked off of your list first…

Where can I find my dream gown? Does the venue I love have any dates left in June? What are my best girls going to wear (ahem…call Flair!)?

There are always things that you check off right at the end…

Should I make my own programs? Can Uncle Arnie be at the same table as cousin Jane? What’s the deal with placecards?

What about that lovely lull of time in the middle of your planning process?

Seems like a great time to figure out your
bridal shower location! It’s an important decision. It gets everyone pumpedfor the big event AND it gives them time to relax. Who isn’t going to need a drink by then?!

The Nine Zero hotel in downtown Boston is the perfect spot! The setting is modern and sleek while the food and people are warm and welcoming. Great combo! They also know that by the time you get around to planning your shower, your wallet may be a little thin.

How does $25 per person sound? Amazing? We thought so — Especially for the fab garden and downtown Boston views! Already planned your shower? No fear. Think of Nine Zero for your rehearsal dinner. They are even branching out into full weddings.

Bridal shower deal:
2 course meal*catered by their award winning kitchen staff
complimentary room rental
tea & coffee included
gift table, gorgeous votive candles, overhead music
price: $25 per person

Contact Nine Zero Hotel’s event specialist, Kristin Alley for more information. She is a total doll and will ensure that your shower goes off without a hitch. Thanks, Kristin!

heart, L.