Let Photographers do their job!

It’s not often that I write a post about my personal opinion but…..here is something new that I have been seeing at wedding after wedding and it has really caught my attention.  I realize how lucky we are to live in the age of digital cameras and phones with the ability to take gorgeous pics and videos.  This is super exciting and it seems we get even more excited about it at weddings.

But, I noticed while at a friends wedding a few weeks ago….as we all paused to watch this beautiful bride walk down the aisle….not everyone was enjoying the sight of a woman walking to her future husband, so excited and in love….. I looked around during the most important part of the wedding and realized what was happening all around me.  It was like paparazzi surrounding Lindsay Lohan….people leaning over other people, stepping in the aisle just to try and get a shot of the beautiful bride approaching the alter.

This is when I realized, um hello this bride and groom probably paid thousands and thousands of dollars for PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS!!!  Your pics will probably turn out blurry, or have half of someone face chopped off, so why the heck are you ruining the moment trying to get a fuzzy pictures, when you were asked to be a guest at the wedding, not the photographer.

I guess what I am trying to say is put your cameras, phones, ipods, ipads and everything else away….at least during the ceremony and PLEASE, PLEASE let the PROFESSIONALS do their jobs.  That is what they were hired to do.  Sit back and enjoy the most magical part of the wedding, take in the sight of two people pledging their undying love for one another!  I promise the pros will get it right and you will be able to enjoy a beautiful and hopeful wedding ceremony.

So, save your photographs for the cocktail hour and reception!!

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