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What if you’re unable to get measured at Flair and also unable to get to another store or tailor for measurements? No problem! It’s totally do-able for a friend to measure you, or even for you to measure yourself!

WHAT YOU NEED: A soft, flexible tape measure.

Absolutely DO NOT use a ruler, yard stick, string, your shoe, your dog, or anything else crazy like that.

Most bridal shops require three measurements: bust, waist and hip





For the BUST, you want to measure around the fullest part of your chest


measurementgirl-bustTo help make a straight line in the back, we recommend running the tape measure along the back of your bra strap (and ideally, have someone check the back for you too). A crooked line in the back makes for an ill fitting bust line, and no girl wants that! Once you have the back straight, pull the ends of the tape measure around to the the front and make sure that you run it along the fullest part of your bust. That’s it!

Expert Tip

When measuring yourself, try to wear undergarments similar to what you’d want to wear on the wedding day. I.E. if you wear a sports bra when measuring, on the big day it’s going to be pretty tricky to squeeze in that sassy push up bra you’ve been eyeing.



For the WAIST, you want to measure the narrowest part; where your natural waist curves in.


measurementgirl-waistCan’t find it? Put your hands on your waist and feel for that slight bend. Still having trouble? Often this spot is about an inch above the belly button.

DISCLAIMER: everyone’s body is different so that it by no means a firm, universal rule. Once you have found the right spot, run the tape measure along the back (again, have someone check the back for you if you can), bringing the ends to the front. DO NOT suck in or squeeze the tape too tightly. We know it can be tempting to squeeze that tape until you see a smaller number but just remember, if you give us that squeezed number, you’ll be squeezing into your dress too.

Expert Tip

Wear a thin undershirt (or nothing!) to get the most accurate waist measurement. No sweaters!



When we say we need your HIP measurement, what we really mean is your butt.


measurementgirl-hipWe know, this one is NOT FUN but you want to make sure that the dress accommodates you at the widest point of your hip line. This will ensure that you can dance the night away sans wardrobe malfunction! To get an idea of the right spot, we’ve found that the top of the pocket on your blue jeans is about right on most body types. If you use this method though, make sure you wear a fitted jean so that they don’t add to your measurement.


We only need height for girls who are 5’8″ or taller. In those cases we sometimes need to add length to a dress.

Overall it’s a pretty easy process but when in doubt, have a friend or family member help you and you can ALWAYS call Flair for help!