Nina Shoes at Flair…..finally!

I have always been a shoe girl. I’d much rather spend my hard earned money on shoes than say a handbag or jewelry. So, when I got engaged naturally one of the first decisions I made was to purchase my first pair of Louboutins for the big day (though hopefully not my last pair…I am a 39 in their sizes and my birthday is January 24th….just sayin’). I mean, if you can’t justify $600 shoes for your wedding day, when can you? Plus, $600 is really a bargain for a pair of CL’s, so you can understand why I had to get them.

I of course take the shoe selection just as seriously when I am a bridesmaid in a wedding. I was in a wedding this past June and the fabulous bride just told us what color she wanted (a light gold) and then said we could get whatever style we wanted. Score! Shockingly, when the wedding day came, almost all of us were in the same shoe designer. We didn’t really discuss it, it just happened that way. What designer, you ask? Nina Shoes!

Nina really cannot be beat. Their prices are amazing (ranging from $50 – $120ish depending on the style you choose), there are TONS of styles to choose from and they have a wide color selection.




There is of course the basic silver, gold, black and ivory, as well as fun pops of color, such as cobalt and fuschia. While we don’t love using the colored options to match the dress anymore, how fun would it be to get a more neutral dress (grey, black, etc) and then do a fun, colored shoe?! We LOVE that idea! Plus, the colored options are a super fun option to pair with your bridal gown. Finally, and most importantly, the Nina shoes that I wore in the June wedding were the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever worn. Seriously.

Flair is a proud new retailer for Nina shoes (and their accessories too, more on that later!) so come and see us and check out our new selection of samples!!

Call or e-mail us to find out about the great discount on Nina Shoes if you purchase your bridal gown or bridesmaid dresses here!

😉  Linds