Ordering with Flair: as easy as 1-2-3!!

   We have so many brides tell us that bridesmaids’ dresses are one of the hardest parts of the whole planning process. While most wedding related decisions only pertain to your taste and opinions, (well, and maaaaaybe your fiancé’s every now and then) this one you have to consider the wants and needs of your closest friends. Not only that, but once you’ve chosen a dress, you have to wrangle those friends, channel your inner bridezilla, and get them to actually place their order.

Have no fear! Flair is here! Ordering your bridesmaids’ dresses is easy as 1,2,3…we’ll show you how!! 
  1. Have your measurements taken:  
Flair requires three basic measurements—bust, waist and hip. If you’re a lucky Boston local, we can do those for you here! If not, you can get them taken at any tailor in your area. As a last resort you can have a friend or family member take your measurements, just DO NOT take them yourself. Trust us, they never come out pretty. We take the fullest part of the bust, skinniest part of the waist and fullest part of the hip (yes, around your bum). The only time we need height is if bridesmaid is taller than 5’8”, in case extra length needs to be added.

2. Choose your size (with the help of your friendly Flair consultant): 

We will consult the designer’s size chart and tell you where your measurements are falling size-wise. Generally you order for your largest measurement/area, but we will always advise what we think is best. Ultimately, though, we want you choose whatever size you’re comfortable with!

3.  Fill out your order form: 

Our order form is super quick and easy! Just basic contact, shipping and credit card information (unless you’re paying by check). Then read and sign our policy form and you’re ALL SET!

Remember, we’re here for you every step of the way!!!