Hey Girl……Sample Sale Steals….oh and Ryan Gosling!

OK, so you might be thinking that this sounds like a conversation from a dream (not for me though, this is the actual convo RG and I would have if we ever met – sorry husband) BUT I can assure you that one part is 100% real.

$300 for a bridal gown is possible!! How, you ask? The Flair sample sale, duh! As a new bridal season dawns, it is time for us to clean out the store and make room for new samples, and you get to reap the benefits! Help us clean out some of the older dresses and you can snag yourself a gorgeous gown at a fraction of the original cost!

Don’t feel left out bridesmaids, this applies to you too (not the RG convo, back off, he’s mine). We have some adorable, flattering dresses for $50!! Plus, some never worn dresses for $200 ($300 is the normal price, so this is a great deal). Check out our Pinterest page for photos of the available dresses and give us a call/email if you’re interested!



Lindsay Schlossberg-Gosling



We’re waiting patiently to hear from you….and Ryan Gosling 😉