See A Penny Pick It Up…

Finding the perfect gown is like ordering the perfect cup of coffee: some like a little sweetness, others want theirs without the fuss, and some women want the full out venti frappaccino with extra whip cream and a hand crafted espresso heart on top plus chocolate drizzle. No matter which way the steam blows, there are two things all brides have in common..

1) wanting to feel absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day and
2) no bride wants to pay an arm & a leg for a “dress”

No fear. Here are just a few of our top favorite bridal gowns all under $2000

Designer: Siri Style: Palazzo Wedding Gown
What appears to be a plain & fairly simple strapless ruched dress, weary eyes will be deceived! A dramatic open back with a lucious train, the Palazzo got it goin’ on. Flattering, comfortable, and affordable. Music to my ears….

Price tag: $843.75

(Flair bride: J.Whitaker 11.15.08)

Designer: Nicole Miller Style: HG0016
Attention fashionistas who never dreamt of wearing white on the big day, this is your gown. Sweetheart gown in metal silk taffeta combines best of both worlds – chic & lovely. And oh my, feels like you’re wearing air
Price tag: $1600

Designer: Lynn Lugo Style: Kristen
“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel
Meet Lynn Lugo’s Samantha and Kristenclassy and fabulous
Price tag: $1100

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