Skincare for Brides

Put your best face forward on your big day!

So, you’ve got your dress (oh, you haven’t yet? call us!). Your shoes? Check. Jewelry? Done. Hair and makeup plan? On fleek. Did we use that appropriately? Regardless, when planning her wedding day look, there’s one other thing every bride should consider: proper skincare! A flawless face is the perfect finishing touch, and you know you want that effortless glow in your photos! So, we went straight to the source to get you all of the 411. We spoke with Meredith Gizmunt, lead aesthetician, and Dr. Jaimie DeRosa of the The DeRosa Clinic and they have TONS of great tips and advice for brides to be. Check it out:

Dr. DeRosa looks FAB, so you know she knows her stuff!

Dr. DeRosa looks FAB herself, so you know she knows her stuff!

Flair: How far in advance of the big day should brides start to think about getting their skin in picture perfect condition?

DeRosa Clinic: It is ideal to start prepping your skin for your wedding day as soon as you can. Brides typically have 6-12 months to plan a wedding, which is the perfect time to begin the process.  At a minimum, I like to see someone for 3 visits before their wedding day (or big event).  This gives us time to see results and know what their skin responds to best.

F: What are some of the biggest skin care concerns brides tend to come in with?

DC: Skin concerns with brides seem to coincide with what most women struggle with: acne, hyperpigmentation or sun spots, dull skin, fine lines, etc.  Exfoliation is the name of the game to treat most skin issues.  The idea is to gently rid our skin of superficial dead skin cells, which dulls the skin, and then treat the skin so that the process of healthy skin production speeds up, giving us bright, beautiful, glowing skin. One of my favorite products for anti-aging and clarifying is Brightenex, a product in Dr. Obagi’s new line, ZO Medical. It is a powerful 2-in-1 product that pairs retinol with all natural skin lightening ingredients (non-hydroquinone).

F: I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t do a facial or add anything new to your skincare routine in the last few weeks before the wedding. Is that true? If so, why?

DC: I tend to be conservative by nature and, while I absolutely recommend a facial treatment the week of the wedding, it is not the time to try something new.  Every bride’s skin is different and responds to treatments differently.  I ease into procedures/treatments for most people, guiding them through different peels and protocols, which takes time.  Since the skin may react to something new, I like to see a bride for a few visits before the big day. Once we have determined what your skin responds to best, I stick with that exact protocol for the week of the wedding. It’s simply not worth risking a reaction!

F: What are some common mistakes brides (or women in general) make when it comes to their skin care routine?

DC: When I ask people about their home routine, I find that most people are under-exfoliating. As I mentioned above, it is exfoliation that really makes the biggest change in the skin.  Doing an at-home scrub, a few times a week just does not cut it.  Instead, I may recommend added a gentle retinol to the evening routine, for example, or using a brightening cream or exfoliating pads each morning.  The key is that I recommend to woman to exfoliate their skin without going overboard–for each of us that routine will be different.  I like to review a bride’s current at-home skin care regimen at the initial complimentary consultation and make suggestions on what may be added or removed to optimize her results.

F: Most brides want to get a little color on their skin before the big day. In your opinion, is there any safe way to get a little tan?

DC: I get this question a lot! Having worked in dermatology and plastic surgery offices for over 10 years, including for 5 in Florida, I am going to say NO. There is no such thing as “safe” sun.  Any change in color to the skin is radiation from the sun (i.e. sun damage).  These days we have so many sunless alternatives to the damaging suntan.  A spray tan by a professional is my preferred method to get ‘color’.  For the woman who absolutely wants real sun for their wedding day, I say, at least cover up your face and use a sunless tanner and/or bronzer.  Remember that looking too tan can sometimes age us.

F: What procedures, products, etc. would you recommend to brides getting ready for their wedding?

DC: My most requested procedure by far (from both brides and makeup artists who do bridal makeup) is Dermaplaning. This is a physical form of exfoliation that gently sloughs off dead skin and removes “peach fuzz”.  It is comparable to microdermabrasion but provides 4 to 5 times more exfoliation, making it much more of a dramatic and longer-lasting result.  I often times combine dermaplaning with a gentle chemical exfoliant to get the best and brightest result for your skin. Those two procedures are very complimentary. Your makeup will go on so smoothly and your skin will be radiant. It is how I had my skin prepped for my own wedding!

Brides also may want to consider Botox® treatments, which are performed at The DeRosa Clinic by Dr. DeRosa, who is a facial plastic surgeon.  Botox® can help soften the wrinkles between the brows or on the forehead.  If a bride is considering Botox® for the first time, it’s a good idea to have a treatment at least 4 weeks before the wedding, as the effects will last for 3 to 4 months.

F: Are there any procedures that brides should avoid?

DC: Again, I would go back to the issue of when to try something new.  A week or two before your wedding is not the time to try out a medium depth chemical peel or Botox® for the first time.  While they are great treatments, if you have not had one and do not know how your skin will react, I would avoid it.  Stick with what you know close to the wedding date.  Let me also add that you want to look like yourself on your wedding day.  I would try not to lose sight of that. Your friends and family know what you look like already, it is more important that you feel like your most beautiful and radiant self.

F: In addition to any products/procedures, what lifestyle changes can brides make to help keep their skin healthy?

DC: The basic things like clean eating, exercising and getting enough rest are all going to help your skin be its very best.  Cutting down on “toxins” like coffee, alcohol, sugar, dairy, etc. can all have a positive impact on your skin. The biggest impact and easiest thing to change is increasing your water intake.

Great info, right?? The staff at the DeRosa Clinic are the perfect trifecta of knowledgeable, kind and caring and they are definitely the ones to call to get your skin in shape before the big day, or after! It’s never too late to take care of your skin. It’s an investment every woman should make, so give them a call today!