How to be social media smart on your big day!

Wedding Day Social Media Tips!

The wedding world is getting more and more virtual each year (hello, Flair even created on online shopping site this year!) and as a result, there are new wedding etiquette topics that Emily Post never used to have to worry about! For example, how do you effectively and smartly incorporate social media into your big day? After all, social media is unavoidable. Aside from collecting cell phones at the door, you really can’t stop your guests from using social media at your wedding. Let’s just figure out how to help them do so in the most respectful way possible!

1) Be honest and up front with your social media wishes! Want guests to refrain during the ceremony? Think about putting a cute sign where they enter, kindly asking them to put their phones away. Or, include a little note in your program. When you walk down the aisle, you want to see all eyes on you, not all eyes on phones!

2) Ask your photographer for help! More and more photographers are jumping on the “no cell phones allowed” train. After all, it can be hard for them to get a great shot of you coming down the aisle or saying your vows when your guests are sticking out trying to get their own shot. Have a chat with your photographer in advance to see if they have any tips for keeping cell phones at bay. That way, he/she can get their shots and you can avoid people posting their photos to social media before you want them to!

Fete Studio agrees with us...cell phones away!! (atleast during the ceremony)

Fete Studio agrees with us…cell phones away!! (atleast during the ceremony)

3) At the reception it can be a little harder to avoid cell phones. You’re there a long time, it’s often a party atmosphere and let’s face it, we’re not used to being apart from our phones for too long! So, if you can’t beat them, join them! Have your guests use a special wedding day hashtag when they Instagram. That way, all of your photos are collected and organized in one place. Like this idea? Then you simply MUST get one of our new Instagram signs by Holly Nichols Illustrations! We’ve chosen a few classic, standard background venues, but these adorable signs are also available customized with your specific venue in the background and/or with a couple that looks like you! Check them out today, and be social media smart!

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