Spotlight on Yvonne & Jake’s Summer Inspired Wedding!

Where did your inspiration come from?

Jake, my now husband, and I both LOVE the summer. It is by far our favorite season, we love everything about it – the heat, the humidity, the fun, the relaxation; this is basically what I used as the springboard for our wedding. All of our favorite memories and big moments all seemed to happen in August, the first August we exchanged “I love you’s”, the second August we got engaged and so undoubtedly the third August was our wedding month! For most of our relationship we lived long distance, however, for that last summer before we got engaged I was working in Danbury, CT and Jake was working and living on his Grandfather’s apple orchard in the same town. Jake grew up on this farm and we have had a lot of great memories there. The night we got engaged was a normal summer night, I went to the farm, we sat outside and enjoyed the warm breeze, sipped a cold beer  – but Jake had a ring in his pocket this night! It was relaxed, personal, and the perfect setting for our engagement. We had our engagement pictures taken on the farm by my best friend and maid of honor, and just like our engagement it was relaxed, personal and fun. These were the three biggest factors I kept returning to while planning my wedding day – relaxed, personal and fun.

How did you tie in “relaxed, personal and fun”, when choosing the bridesmaid dress and wedding dress?

For the bridesmaid dresses, I wanted a summery, fun dress but more importantly I wanted each of the girls to be very comfortable and LOVE the dress. I didn’t want them to have to spend a lot either. I had a hard time finding the perfect dress, I actually bought a few and returned them! It wasn’t until about 5 months before the wedding that I went to Flair and found the Lynn Lugo line. My favorite part about her dresses was that you could switch tops and bottoms to create the perfect fit for each girl!

For my wedding dress, I knew I really wanted something with lace but I also wanted a dress that would stand out, not just an ordinary white dress. I wanted it to be really fun, a little sassy but also to have a traditional sense about it. I found the perfect Liz Fields dress at Cinderella’s in RI.

Stacey was very helpful right from the beginning and all the way through to the end! She introduced us to the Lynn Lugo line, showed us the colors and how to mix and match. She gave us tips for body types and measuring. She was also great when helping us order! I was so happy with Flair and everyone there! It was a great experience.

Any tips for brides picking out bridesmaid dresses ?

DON’T SETTLE!!!! It might take a while but if you have a vision, stick to it!! Try a few different places and a few different styles. Talk to your girls, see what they like and feel comfortable in. And DO NOT pick ugly dresses to make the bride look more beautiful – the bride is always beautiful there is never competition, but ugly bridesmaid dresses WILL make your pictures ugly! So be nice! 🙂

I had 6 bridesmaids, all with very different body types, and some were very picky! I needed a dress that fit what I wanted for a color (warm, deep summery pink) but that would also look great on each girl and not break the bank. I was looking for a dress that looked casual but beautiful – which was very hard to find! But then I stumbled across Lynn Lugo and within minutes found the PERFECT dress! I wish I had one!

Any tips for picking out the perfect bridal gown?

I went into the boutique saying I wanted a modified A line, silk organza, tube top dress and I came out with a modified mermaid, lace dress with one shoulder strap!! Try on every, or many different styles so when you finally buy YOUR DRESS you don’t feel like you missed something, (because new beautiful dresses always come out right after you buy yours! ) Ask the price BEFORE you try it on – if its out of our budget, put it back fast. Once you buy one, stop looking or you will go nuts!

Where were was your wedding/reception?

We got married at Roger Williams Park in RI. This was a personal location for me – both sets of my grandparents had their wedding pictures taken at the park, and one of our first dates was to the Roger Williams Zoo which is part of the park. There is a photo that we took in the Japanese garden that we copied from my late grandparents Richard and Charlotte Fielding – its the one where I am lifting my dress to show off my garter and the groom is squatting down and the other groomsmen are standing nearby.

Um, hello adorable!!

What was your favorite moment at the wedding?

It was right before I walked down the aisle. It is the most emotional time of the whole event. My dad kept telling to look at everyone who was there and saying how they were all there for me. Its a strange feeling, having your dad walk you down the aisle to your waiting husband to be and have him you away, but its so exciting  to know that all of the people who are most important to you are there and supporting this new chapter of your life.

What advice would you give to all the brides out there?

My best advice is to ENJOY the planning! Try to make it a fun thing and not stressful. Try not to do too much yourself and DO NOT save anything for THAT day!! Also, before you walk down the aisle take a minute to process everything – who is there, what the walk you are making resembles, really take it in because there is no other feeling quite like it. And even during the reception take a minute with your new husband to step back and just watch everyone celebrating – you are going to be so busy talking with everyone but really try to capture a moment because when its all over, it feels like a big blur!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We went to Cancun, Mexico and stayed at Secrets, Silversands – it was a 10!

List of Vendors:
Photography: Once like a Spark Photography
Catering: Russel Morin Fine Catering
Ceremony Music: A Change of Scene
Florist: Garden Hills Florist
Venue: Roger Williams Park – Bandstand and Casino
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Bridesmaid Dresses: FlairLynn Lugo
Bridal Gown: Cinderella’s

Congrats to Yvonne & Jake…may your marriage be as relaxed and fun as your wedding! xoxo

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Cheers to happily ever after,

Lindsay & Stacey