Summer Summer Summertime!

You said it, Will Smith! Is anyone else SUPER pumped that it’s finally Summertime? I’ll admit, we had a pretty easy Winter this year, but it’s still nice when Summer rolls around and you can go out without a jacket and eat alfresco (ahh the simple pleasures). Also, all of our Flair weddings are starting to happen and we cannot WAIT to see some photos from your gorgeous days (we’ve also been known to stalk the public garden on Saturdays to see if any of our brides are there taking photos)!

Not to forget you so quickly, 2012 brides, but Summer is also when we start to focus on next year’s brides (oh hi, 2013 brides). Summer is a great time to start your bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dress search. First of all, there’s not as much pressure on you, as you have tons of time to shop around. Plus, you can get an idea of what you like and then jump on it when the big fall sales come along in a few months. Also, we’re a little slower in the summer (since most brides have had to order already) so we can more easily accommodate the appointment date that you want. In the Winter (our crazy season) weekends book 4-5 weeks in advance, yikes! We’re much more flexible now (though evenings and weekends are still popular and book roughly a week in advance). So basically, call us, come hang out and start to get a feel for what sort of attire you want for yourself and your bridal party. Plus, we’re all starting to get a little tan and let’s face it, everyone prefers to try on dresses with a little summer color J

See you soon 2013 brides (and fall/winter 2012 brides we haven’t forgotten you either!), can’t wait to help you find your dream dresses!!



Linds & Stace 😉