Finding Inspriation on Valentine’s Day

Finding Inspiration on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day changes a lot as you grow up. When you’re young, it has nothing to do with love and everything to do with candy. Then, the teenage years sneak in and the pressure is on. Who has a date? Is your date cute? Where is he taking you? Not to mention the poor souls without a date (aside from Ben and Jerry). Finally, adulthood settles in and you wonder why you ever took Valentine’s Day so seriously. Sure, it’s a good excuse to gorge on chocolate and champagne, but it’s certainly no reason to stress. While we love a good pre-fixe menu (kidding, they are all a rip off, right?) today we prefer to look at Valentine’s Day as a time to recognize all of the love and goodness in life. This year, the story warming our (very cold) Valentine’s Day is the Knot’s Dream Wedding couple of 2014, Rebekah and Pete.

We have chills!

We have chills!

Rebekah and Pete had been dating about 7 months when they decided to go and cheer on Pete’s Mom, who was running in the Boston Marathon. I’m sure you all can guess what happened next. Since it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re focusing on the good, let’s just fast forward to today. They are both recovering well and are now ENGAGED! So, when it came time to choose the Knot’s Dream Wedding Couple of 2014, the decision was easy. Speaking of easy, now their wedding planning is too! They don’t need to make a single decision (sounds kinda nice, right brides?!), it’s all up to US! So, we encourage you to keep a check on their website on the Knot and help them plan their dream wedding. We know we will be!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our lovely brides! Hearing about your weddings and love stories makes every day Valentine’s Day at Flair. xoxo