To Stalk, or not to stalk….second time around!

So, we published a blog eerily similar to this around this time last year….and here I am 1 month out from my wedding re-posting!

“This picture only somewhat resembles what I look like :)”

My wedding is  a month away and I estimated that we literally have 100+ teeny tiny little things to do before the BIG day. So, when I realized I/We now have to call or e-mail people who still have not sent in those all important RSVP’s  let’s just say my head started spinning! I mean come on family and friends we made this process as easy as humanly possible, all you have to do is check a box, tell me who is coming and last but not least lick the envelope and throw it in the mail (I mean we even put the stamp on the envelope for you and addressed it!) No excuses, don’t you know this wedding is going to be the best party of 2012?!

So, advice from the Flair girl about to get married and one who is coming up on her 1 year anniversary 🙂

It is 100% acceptable to reach out to your guests and ask them for a response. It shows an effort on your part. That way, if they miss the final deadline (i.e. the day you have to send final numbers to your venue) you can at least say that you reached out and tried. It’s going to be hard to say no to someone who asks to come after that deadline but your hands will be tied and free of guilt. There can be no “Well I misread the date to respond” or any other excuse. We called you, you were slow, so now you have to miss out on the party of the century.

Stay sane summer 2012 brides, our day is almost here!!

XOXO Stacey