Wedding Gown Add-Ons

How to make your gown truly YOU!

I’ll never forget the day I saw it; the episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” when another bride bought my wedding dress (yes, I bought at Kleinfeld because I got married a million years ago, pre-Flair having its AMAZING bridal collection). How can this be?? That dress is MINE! I looked so fabulous that surely they just retired that dress after me, right?! Once my hysterics died down, I realized that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Of course other brides are going to wear my dress; if they don’t, that might say more about my fashion sense than anything else. Besides that, the way I styled it was totally different than the TV bride, making our dresses look more like cousins than twins. Crisis averted. If you’re having similar feelings, have no fear, there are tons of bridal embellishments and add-ons that can truly make your dress YOURS! Check them out:

A topper – Bridal tops are a MAJOR trend in the wedding world right now! Pop one on and instantly change your look, making it fresh, modern, and (if you need it) more covered up. They’re perfect for a ceremony that requires more modesty, or just a little pop of extra style all day/night long!

Yes, that's a lace topper! Works perfectly and seamlessly with the dress, right? Amy Kuschel's "Audrey" top totally has us swooning!

Yes, that’s a lace topper! Works perfectly and seamlessly with the dress, right? Amy Kuschel’s “Audrey” top totally has us swooning!

A petticoat – It may sound like a thing of the past that Jane Eyre was forced to wear, but actually petticoats are still totally relevant and current in today’s bridal fashions! They are an affordable, easy way to add some volume to the skirt of your wedding gown, and you’d be surprised how different they can make it look!
Detachable straps – We know, we know; the bridal world is still predominantly strapless. It’s getting better, we swear, but in the meantime, accessories designers are taking notice and adding removable straps to their repertoire! So, no need to avoid strapless styles when you head out on your gown search!

No need for a necklace when you add AB Ellie's STUNNING, sparkly "Josephine" straps to your strapless gown!

No need for a necklace when you add AB Ellie’s STUNNING, sparkly “Josephine” straps to your strapless gown!

Buttons – Almost all of our bridal gown designers have the option of adding buttons down the back of their gowns. Don’t worry, though, most don’t actually require you to button them up. Slide up your zipper and the buttons hug over the seam, creating an elegant, photo-worthy look!

Of course, these options are in addition to the always fabulous and classic options of jewelry, belts/sashes, and veils! Flair is happy to help you explore any of these add-ons; let us know if there’s one that speaks to you!