Wedding Hashtags

Instagram with Intelligence!

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. Who doesn’t relish in being the center of attention for a little while? As fun as being engaged can be, though, I’d bet that most couples would say that it’s equally stressful. Even seemingly light decisions have their complications. Trying free samples of cake? Sounds perfect, until you factor in that 1) it’s not really free per se, since you’re paying for the final product and 2) you have to choose a flavor that everyone in attendance will love. Not so easy! Every wedding decision seems to come with a dash of stress and many come with more than a dash of money exiting your bank account. If you’re feeling that pinch, we think we’ve found the one wedding decision that’s 100% fun and yes, FREE! Put that seating chart aside and take some out to create your wedding hashtag. It won’t cost you a dime, and will ensure that your guests have a place for all of those hilarious candids they’re sure to capture. So, ready to hashtag? Check out our tips for creating the perfect one:

  • Think unique – While #johnandjulie has a certain ring to it, it has been used over a hundred times already. How do we know? A quick hashtag search on Instagram will let you know if your potential tag has already been created. It would be confusing to have your photos mixed in with a bunch of others, so make your tag more specific to you to better ensure that it’s used by your guests and your guests alone. Incorporate your wedding date, venue location, nicknames, wedding words (hitched, tie the knot…), etc. to give your hashtag some spice and individuality!
  • Keep it brief – Your guests will not appreciate having to type a ton of letters every time they want to tag a photo, so think short but sweet to encourage them to actually use it.
  • Make it memorable – Try to avoid abbreviations or acronyms that no one will understand/remember. Consider incorporating a rhyme, alliteration, pun or something similar to keep your hashtag stuck in your guests’ heads, even after they’ve had a few cocktails 😉
  • Don’t be afraid to outsource – If you find yourself over thinking this whole hashtag thing, it might be time to ask your old friend the internet for some assistance! After all, this decision is supposed to be fun and easy! Try a hashtag generator like this one to get your creative juices flowing.


Once you’ve decided on your unique hashtag, be sure to show off your hard work with one of our custom hashtag signs (only $30!). Adorable, eye catching and sure to have your guests geared up to gram the night away!