Wedding Shoes

How to Pick the Perfect Pair!

During our wedding planning, my now husband and I didn’t always see eye to eye. I’m sure you can relate! No, we can’t let every Tom, Dick and Harry have a plus one. Yes, we do need those big candelabras on every table. No, we can’t play hard rap during dinner. You know, the usual stuff. One of the biggest things my husband couldn’t understand, though, was the stress I felt over my wedding shoes. Direct quote: “But your dress is long, right? So no one will see them.” Oh silly hubs, that’s kind of beside the point. I will see them, I will know if they are fabulous or not, and my girls are obviously going to ask to see them! So, they have to have it all; gorgeous, comfortable, affordable and of course they have to go with my gown. If you’re feeling that same shoe stress, check out these tips before you shop (oh, and even better, Flair can get you all of the fab shoes you see below – we are an official carrier of the amazing Nina Shoes)!

1) Don’t stray too far from your normal – If you never wear heels, your wedding day is not the time to start. There are gorgeous flats out there. Trust me, I wore Louboutin flats on my big day! On the other hand, if you do wear heels, but you tend to keep them around 3″, don’t go higher on your wedding day. Even if your fiancé is super tall, you’ll hate how unstable and uncomfortable you’ll feel is those new 6 inchers!
2) Remember your venue – If you’re going to be on the beach, you’ll likely want to stay away from a heel. Sinking in the sand is not a good look on your big day! Same goes for grass; if you want some height consider a wedge heel that won’t let you down! Or if you do opt for flats, you can always have a back up heel ready for when you hit solid ground! For you Boston brides, keep wedges and flats in mind if you’re going to walk the cobblestone streets for your photos. Turning your ankle is not a good way to start your married life!

Now these are the perfect cobblestone shoes! A 2" wedge; comfortable and chic!

Now these are the perfect cobblestone shoes! A 2″ wedge; comfortable and chic!

3) Think of the weather – We’re in New England, so you never know what the weather will throw at you! Make sure you choose a shoe that will be ready for anything. If you want a sandal, try to go for a sling back style, or anything with a strap to keep your foot in place in the event you hit some rainy weather. Having a winter wedding? Always go for a closed toe, even if you find a peep toe you’re obsessed with. You’ll regret it!

Adorable AND ankle support, we're sold!

Adorable AND ankle support, we’re sold!

4) Accessorize! – A little Dr. Scholls can go a long way! Most likely your big day will be the first time you really wear your wedding shoes, so a cheap, simple gel insert can do alot to add to your comfort and enjoyment!
5) Keep your gown in mind! – Sure, those pumps with the gold studs are hot town USA, but they probably won’t go with your traditional lace gown. While you can buy whatever you like, if you choose a shoe that is too different from the style and feel of your dress, it can make for a confused and distracting look.

We love the traditional style of this peep toe, but if you want something more unique get it in a fun color like this navy!

Most of all, try and buy something that you’ll wear again! Your wedding shoes are an investment, but they are one of the few things you can actually use after the big day! Don’t stress about finding dyable shoes to match to your dress, because when will you ever wear those again? Stay true to you, have fun, and you can always reach out to your Flair friends with any of your shoe stresses!