Wedding Tiaras

A modern take on the classic look!

On her wedding day, every bride should feel like a princess. Don’t lift a finger, have everyone fawn all over you, get dressed up…yeah, princesses and brides totally have the life! They have alot of fun things in common in the wardrobe department, too; a grand dress, perfectly styled hair, and killer shoes, to name a few. However, one classic princess accessory has gone somewhat by the wayside in the bridal world in recent years. Tiaras used to be the ultimate in special occasion wear but somewhere along the way I think brides started to find them a little, well…dated and over the top. Lucky for all of the wanna-be princesses out there, though, today there are tons of fresh, modern ways for brides to rock this look:
1) Flower crowns – I know, we’re getting dangerously close to these being over-done, but they’re just so darn pretty that we couldn’t leave them off of the list! They’re the perfect casual counterpart to the typical gilded style.
2) A lace headband – Alot of what makes most tiara styles a little “much” is their over the top sparkle. It can be a little heavy-handed, especially for a more laid back bride/wedding. Swap in lace in place of some crystals, though, and you automatically turn down the volume and create a more mellow, current look.
3) Fascinators – From one princess look to another! Fascinators are a chic, cool way to update the tiara look, and add a touch of Kate Middleton to your bridal style!

When in doubt, check out Elizabeth Bower’s crown collection! Every piece is GORGE, so you can’t go wrong! All of these beauties are sure to wow and will make any hairstyle wedding ready!

The Titania crown totally has "modern princess" written all over it!

The Titania crown totally has “modern princess” written all over it!

Elizabeth Bower's Budding Cap is the perfect blend of chic fascinator and traditional tiara!

Elizabeth Bower’s Budding Cap is the perfect blend of chic fascinator and traditional tiara!