Well hello TWIST Dress!!!!

We know you have all been waiting for this….and the day has finally arrived!!
We finally received Dessy’s infamous TWIST dress!
Why is this dress so amazing, let me count the ways…….. 
 Who knew one little dress can be worn all those ways!! Amazing!! Each girl can basically pick what style they want to wear and literally in seconds wrap the dress however they choose!  The twist wrap dress comes in both cocktail length and floor length and can be ordered in 22 different beautiful colors!

So, if you are trying to fit all your beautiful ladies in different dresses, but want a cohesive look, then we might have just hit the jackpot with this one!  
If you are looking to save a few buck for your lovely ladies the twist will only set them back a mere $140.00 in cocktail length and $180 in floor length!
If you need help with how to wrap the dress watch what Dessy put together for you!!
Check out the instructional video!!!
Happy Twisting!!